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101 days replacement warranty

As per 101 Days Replacement Policy, a customer can ask the replacement of the handset and “uiphones” will issue the replacement (Handset only without battery & battery door) to the customer subject to hardware failure only within 101 days from the date of purchase/activation. This is a handset to handset replacement process. Beyond 101 days, the normal repair warranty terms shall be applicable.

Below mentioned conditions are not covered under 101 Days Replacement Policy:

1) Problems related to Accessories, Software failure and problems associated to Speaker/Receiver/MIC.

2) No liquid or Physical damage

3) If any Indication found that the device has been modified or tampered.

     Important Considerations:

1) Any accessories such as the battery, memory card, or back cover will not be replaced under any circumstances

2) Defective unit will be replaced with similar or higher specification model

3) Housing of replaced unit might be similar if the condition of defective unit is poor.